Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fun and Games at the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles

True Story:

Took son #2 to get his temps a couple of months ago. He had just turned 15 1/2. After he passed his written test we needed to get his temporary card.

Ohio DMV Lady: "Ok, we are going to need two forms of ID for your son."

Me: "I have his passport and his birth certificate."

Ohio DMV Lady: (After inspecting the documents) "You are lucky that you brought your son's passport, as his Indiana birth certificate doesn't show his gender, so it wouldn't have worked for us."

Me: (Admittedly this was no big deal, and it's true that Indiana birth certificates issued in Lake County did not show his gender, but I just had to bite on this one.) 'Wow, I didn't even realize that. Well, it was good enough to get a passport for my son, so I was wondering, why do you need to know a person's gender to give them a driver's license?" By the way, son #2 sees this one coming.

Ohio DMV Lady: A little perplexed. "Well my computer requires this information."

Me: "He's male. Still don't know why it really matters. You get a picture, eye color, and hair color so it shouldn't matter. We could just tell you if he is male or female."

Ohio DMV Lady: "Well, we just can't issue a license to someone without knowing if they are male or female."

Me: Perplexed and quite frankly the enjoyment of this argument is wearing off. "Hmmm. Might have to think about one. Is the next step going to be visual verification?"

With that we finished the paperwork and received son #2's temps.

So if in Ohio, be aware. Sounds like it really matters to them what your gender is as a qualification for driving.

Signing off........Jiresell