Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Strange Week

Sitting in my living room watching the pre-game analysis of the Confederations Cup Final between the US and Brazil National teams and began to think about what a strange week this has been. First we hear of the passing of Ed McMahon. I was a big fan of Johnny Carson, and of course Ed McMahon was a major part of the Tonight Show. Don't know if Ed ever said AAAYOW, but it was a good urban myth anyway.

I love pop culture. I'm 46 years old, so when I heard on Thursday that Farrah Fawcett had died, I couldn't help but think of the poster that I'm guessing that every teenager/college student had hanging in their rooms. I know I did, and Charlie's Angels was must-see tv!

Then, of course the big shocker Thursday afternoon was the death of Michael Jackson. 50 years-old, a pop-music icon. This morning I went to I-Tunes to put some Michael Jackson playlists on my I-Touch and saw that with the exception of the Black-Eyed-Peas new single and album the top ten downloaded singles and albums were Michael Jackson's. I was a fan-and was trying to figure out my favorite songs-Ben, Black or White, Billy Jean, Thriller, Pretty Young Thing. My most vivid memory of a Michael Jackson song was when my wife and I went to Las Vegas with some friends in December of 1988 (she was 5 months pregnant with our daughter) and hearing "The Way You Make Me Feel" over and over again. Michael Jackson became a very troubled individual later in life and his weirdness will be over-analyzed by the media in the coming days, but there is no denying he was one of the greatest and most influential artists of his time.

And then today I found out that Billy Mays has died. Certainly not on the same scale as Ed, Farrah and Michael, but still a surprise!

One quick note: I had an opportunity to travel to a seminar on United Way Community Impact held in Madison, Wisconsin this past week. It was hosted by the Dane County, Wisconsin United Way. I travelled with volunteers and staff from the Butler County, Ohio United Way.

The United Way in Madison, Wisconsin is doing some of the best Community Impact work in the entire country! They have been able to rally the community and it's resources to make a real difference, with results they can track and measure (graduation rates, school preparation, decreasing homelessness, access to health care etc.) They do it through faithful implementation of their process, and it's working. We plan to do the same for Butler County. Check it out


Signing off USA USA USA.......Jiresell

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