Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random Thoughts, Soccer, my Son etc......

I haven't blogged in a while, but have been making notes on some random thoughts I wanted to comment on:

Ohio Elite's graduating seniors-The season is over for Ohio Elite's US Soccer Development Academy teams. Most of the U18 team has graduated and are moving along to college. These young men should be very proud of their accomplishments and Ohio Elite should be proud of the development of these players. I'm looking forward to watching these players in college. Go to and check out the team page for U18 Development Academy for a list of where these young men will be going to school.

By the way, also check out the team pages for the Ohio Elite U18 Girls Academy and U18 Girls' Gold for a listing of the graduating Ohio Elite girls who will be playing college soccer-amazing! Congratulations to the entire coaching staff and the players.

US Soccer Development Academy-As a charter member, Ohio Elite just completed it's second season as a member of the US Soccer Development Academy. Player development is the goal of this program, and if one measure of development is the number of players continuing their careers in college, than Ohio Elite's 2nd year in the program would have to be considered a resounding success. And despite other clubs' in the Cincinnati area spreading misinformation about Ohio Elite (see Ohio Elite's coaches' blog), tryouts have been a resounding success, with more players than ever before coming out to play in the program. In addition, Ohio Elite continues to add to the best coaching staff in Southern Ohio, as Dave Schureck, Head men's soccer coach at Xavier University in Cincinnati and Director of Advanced Youth at Northern Warren County Alliance Soccer Club has been added as the head coach of next year's U15/U16 Development Academy team. The young men will now take their summer breaks, and join their high school teams for the Fall. I am anticipating another great season in the Development Academy next year.

I still love Twitter-If you are on twitter, and you are a soccer fan, follow these tweeters: DallasCup, ussoccer, topdrawersoccer, tweetmls, thesoccerdon, americanoutlaws, mlsinsider, mlsrumors. My favorite tweeter is obxlaw, just random tweets from a pretty funny guy. Also check out celebrity tweeters like the_real_shaq, johncmayer, miacarruthers, rainnwilson, pennjillette, andersoncooper. Oh, and don't forget to follow me, jiresell and my son, brianjsell.

Stanley Cup-Pens Win! Wow, and on Hockey Town's home ice!

Finally, my middle son (son #1) graduated high school last weekend. Congratulations! He is a writer, music lover and technology fan. He has decided to travel to Europe by himself this summer, backpack and Eurail pass in hand. I think we are going to see a Jack Kerouac "On the Road" style book come of this adventure!

Jiresell.....signing off!

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