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Restaurant Review-Hot Doggin' It, Loveland/Maineville, Ohio

I graduated High School in West Chester, Ohio in 1981. After college I worked in the Chicagoland area for 13 years. Now I'm back in the Cincinnati area. I guess that makes me a transplanted Cincinnatian/Chicagoan? No matter. The point is that when I moved to Chicago I fell in love with the the Hot Dogs served at the traditional Hot Dog stands/restaurants in the area. 1100 of them in the Chicago metro area alone!

I married my wife Tammy in 1986, and when she moved to Roselle, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) with me the first thing she noticed was the all of the Hot Dog restaurants. Quoting Tammy in 1986, "I can't believe they serve Hot Dogs in restaurants!" We were used to cheese coney's in Cincinnati, but nothing like they served in Chicago.
Chicago Dog with Everything!

Portillo's and Teddy's Red Hots were our favorite places when we lived in the Chicagoland area.

We moved from the area in 1999. Since then our desire for a great Chicago style Hot Dog continues unabated. A couple of year's ago Tammy noticed an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer rating the best Hot Dogs in Cincinnati and discovered Hot Doggin' It located in the Loveland/Maineville area.

Hot Doggin' It is located in a strip mall very close to Montgomery Road and Fields Ertel. The storefront actually faces away from Montgomery Road, next to a Domino's Pizza. But in the classic tradition, the location (strip mall) is similar to many of the Hot Dog places you would see in the Chicagoland area.

Hot Doggin' It rates with the best of the Chicago places! Everything is made to order. Go to the counter, owner Ava will take your order. David is usually running the grill and steamer. Sit down and within 5 minutes your order is ready. The fries are made to order. They serve a Charburger, Italian Beef, Italian Sausage (combine the beef and sausage with Hot Giardeniera for a real treat), chicken sandwich and Gyros. They also serve a Maxwell Street Polish Sausage (deep fried as is tradition) and Chili.
Front Counter

My wife and I have probably eaten here 20 times, and although tempted by the rest of the menu (and it is all good judging by the satisfied customers, many of whom are transplanted Chicagoans) I always get a Chicago Dog with everything, and an order of Tamale's (Tom-Tom Brand, 2 per order).

So here is how to assemble a great Chicago Dog. Start with a Vienna all beef wiener. Place it on a steamed poppy seed bun. Toppings are critical. Mustard, bright green sweet relish, diced onions, sport peppers, tomato wedges and a dill pickle spear. Sprinkle with a little celery salt. Done! You have a Chicago Dog and Hot Doggin' It makes it a good as their Chicago counterparts. Oh, one more thing...NO KETCHUP!

I encourage everyone to visit, whether you have a Chicago background or not. Well worth the drive to Loveland/Maineville!

Hot Doggin' It
12082-B Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
(513) 831-DOGG (3644)

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