Friday, January 7, 2011

My Home District Congressman is Speaker of the House!

I live in Liberty Township, Ohio just outside of Cincinnati. Liberty Township is in Ohio's 8th Congressional District and our Representative is the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner.

I describe myself as Libertarian in my beliefs, which probably make me more of a Republican than a Democrat in a two party system. But I have centrist views on social issues.

I write this not to generate debate about government policy, or take sides on the key issues, but more to provide a little more background on me.

Getting to the point. It is pretty cool that my Congressman is Speaker of the House. My Mother-in-Law has known John and his wife Debbie for many years. Speaker Boehner has been described as a hard-core conservative and I don't lean as far to the right as he does. But the fact that the 61st Speaker of the House and the person who is 2nd in the line of Presidential succession lives 10 minutes away from me gives me a real sense of civic pride.

On another note, I believe that two political party's holding power in different branches of our Federal Government is actually a good thing. The Republican party now has an opportunity to move their agenda forward, but they will have to figure out a way to work with the Democrats to get it done (and vice-versa). We can also hold the Republicans responsible for their actions, not just listen to their rhetoric.

Here's how the Cincinnati Enquirer covered John Boehner's historic day.

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