Thursday, February 24, 2011

Movie Review-Inception (2010)

I realize Inception was released in theaters this past July, but having just seen the movie and based on the fact that it has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture I thought it would still be relevant to write a review.

This movie takes work to watch. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, the concept of the movie is that a technology exists that allows a person to invade the human mind through another person's dreams. Cool concept and the special effects in the movie are outstanding, especially at the outset when Mr. DiCaprio's character, Cobb is explaining the concepts to Ariadne (played by Ellen Page of Juno fame) as he is recruiting her for a major corporate espionage effort.

My initial comment about "work" was based on the fact that one has to really concentrate on this movie as the characters work through multiple layers of their target's dreams to plant an idea which will lead to their final goal. It can get complicated. Don't multi-task while you are watching.

Ultimately Inception is a story of redemption, with a very interesting and heartfelt ending.

Is Inception a good movie? Yes. Does it deserve the Oscar for Best Picture? No. But definitely worth the effort to watch.

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Bryon said...

I didn’t know that Nolan was working on this script for nearly a decade before it became a movie. It is obvious that he tried to tie together concepts that would be believable to the audience and credible. The whole realm of dreams is fascinating and it’s nice to see someone make a movie that uses the most bizarre kind of dream, a dream within a dream. I’m looking forward to watching “Inception” on HBO this Saturday at 8 PM when it airs. I’ll be out of town for a convention, but I can catch it on my iPhone because of my free DISH Network Sling adapter that I got with a rebate. It’s sweet because I don’t’ miss my shows and if I set a DVR recording I can still watch it later anywhere I am.