Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lose Weight, Have Better Sex? My Weekly Weight Watchers Update, 9/14/11

I am psyched today.

Not so much because of my weigh-in. I currently weigh 244.8 pounds, an increase of .8 pounds from last week. I am down a total of 40.2 pounds. I seem to have plateaued a bit. But I'm sticking with the plan so I know it will work and am keeping the big picture in mind.

Here's why I'm psyched. Apparently as I lose weight I am going to have more and better sex!

There must be some science behind it. I really don't care if there is as I'm running with it! There are six reasons why this is true:

1) I'll be more sexually confident!

2) My wife might suddenly want more sex!

3) I'll keep blood flowing where it counts!

4) Sessions will last longer!

5) I'll have a higher sex drive!

6) I'll ensure future pleasure!

Here's the article that backs me up on this:

So while you enjoy the article, I'm gonna go find my wife. TAMMY? WHERE ARE YOU?


Beth Shoaf said...

One to add to your list:
According to Dr. Oz when he was on Oprah, for every 20-25 lbs. you lose, you gain a 1/2 in. of your penis back! Something like that, anyway! I guess it's hiding up there!
God help Tammy!

Jiresell said...

WOW, Even better!