Friday, January 28, 2011

Why I Buy-Another Philosophy to Live By

Essentially there are three things people take under consideration when making any buying decision.

1) Do you need it?

2) Do you want it?

3) Is it a good deal?

Apply this to anything. You need to buy food. You may want to buy a new TV. You might be at Barnes & Noble checking out the books on the discount table and see one that looks interesting and at $5.99 is a good deal.

Now add another dimension. Use the 2 out of 3 rule to make buying decisions. Ask yourself the three questions above. If you can answer yes to two of them...go for it. If you can answer yes to all three, even better!

It's lunch time. Your hungry. You need to eat. You want a Beef n' Cheddar from Arby's. Is it a good deal. Probably not. But two out of three applies. Buy it! While you're at it, add some waffle fries and a Jamocha Shake!

Need gas for the car? You may not want to buy gas as you can think of a bunch of other things to spend your money on, but you drive down the road and find that the Kroger Gas station is 7 cents cheaper than the Shell across the street. You're getting a good deal! Fill 'er up!

That new 3D TV? Do you need it? Maybe not. Do you want it? YES! Is it a good deal? Best buy has 36 months same as cash? Yes? Make the buy!

Just another philosophy to live by.

I have more!

Special thanks to Erik Kuselias, co-host of The Morning Drive on The Golf Channel.


Anonymous said...

I NEED an iPad.

Chelle said...

I NEED a paintball gun. You know, for shooting my neighbor over the fence with.