Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New Puppy!

Black Lab Face, but Short Little Corgi legs!
My wife Tammy and I went out this afternoon to run a couple of errands. One of our stops was PetSmart. We went in with the intention of getting a new ring for Hallie's (our 2 year-old Black Lab/Shepard mix) collar, but ended up adopting a 17 week-old Corgi (yes Corgi)/Black Lab mix puppy named Nunki.

We will pick her up later this week. Isn't she cute? Getting a new pet is usually a fairly irrational decision, but we just couldn't leave without her. A name change is in the offing. Ideas?

The organization we are adopting Nunki from is the Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Cincinnati, Inc. Other wise known as HART.


Tammy and Nunki


Kristen said...

Well the new puppy got me here - I wouldn't be opposed to you naming it after me or anything.... Have fun with it!

Jiresell said...

Kristen is officially under consideration!