Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Modern Museum of Gripes and Grievances

I'm currently reading Portnoy's Complaint by Philip Roth. With apologies to Mr. Roth, I am now going to open:

My Modern Museum of Gripes and Grievances
My Modern Museum of Gripes and Grievances
Our tour today starts in the Grand Entryway. As you enter the building you will be asked by security to do a quick check of any bags you may have with you. Not outside food or drink allowed. The museum is free, but feel free to donate a couple of dollars to support this not-for-profit institution. The donation box is just to the right of the entrance. I know the building is a little underwhelming, but we have some big plans for expansion.

Today I will highlight just a few our Museum's current displays:

Lance the Winner! How does he do it?
Lance Armstrong-Righteously Indignant Inspiration to Cancer Patients and Survivors Everywhere!

The Second Amendment-Let's Start a Militia!
The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution-An Obsolete and Unnecessary Amendment That Protects the Right of Nutcases to Carry Uzis. A Reason for the NRA to Exist.

Rich Rodriguez-A Wronged Man!
The University of Michigan Athletics Administration-A Short-Sighted Institution Who Fired Rich Rodriguez. Coach Rodriguez is the Best Coach Michigan has had since Bump Elliott. Didn't he have the Wolverines Heading in the Right Direction?


Thank you for visiting. Come again soon!

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