Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a Great Day!

What does it mean to be a good citizen? Follow the laws? Exercise your right to vote? Be productive in whatever endeavor you choose to pursue?

I had a great day today! Today was the Butler County United Way's (Headquarters in Hamilton, Ohio) Spring day of Caring. Two of my co-workers from Rockwell Automation (Jim Miller and Steve Deitzer) along with David Lippert of Hamilton Caster had the opportunity to volunteer to work with the good folks at Mercy Franciscan at St. Raphael in Hamilton, Ohio. They needed some benches built for their front lobby/foyer. The people who come in to the St. Raphael Social Service Center need a place to sit as they wait to receive services, whether it is access to their emergency food pantry, emergency shelter services or outreach nursing.

We built the benches. A simple task, but the appreciation we received from Carrie Morris, their Executive Director, and the staff was so heartfelt, I couldn't help but feel like I had accomplished something. Not to mention the fact that there is tangible evidence that we produced something of value today. (I am not much of a woodworker.)

The day started with a breakfast in Hamilton, Ohio where the volunteers gathered together with multiple social service agencies who are partners with the Butler County United Way. Leaders from our community were present, and the best part of the event was seeing the United Way honor the volunteers who give so much to the community. It was a tough year for the local United Way giving campaign, but the community rallied in February through a "Campaign of Hope" to come up with the resources that allowed the Butler County United Way to continue to provide grants to the programs in the community that are doing such great work to service those less fortunate.

Why was it a great day? I was able to give my time to help a local social services center. I was able to hear personally from Butler County United Way's partner agencies how appreciative they were for the resources we were able to provide. I am humbled by the work these agencies do. It give me hope!

So here is my definition of a good citizen. A good citizen gives back. They see it as their responsibility to help those less fortunate. They Give! They Advocate! They Volunteer!

The Butler County United Way is my choice for giving, advocating and volunteering. My good friend Maureen Noe, CEO would love to hear from you! But the United Way is certainly not the only avenue. Choose a cause, make a difference!

Signing out......Jiresell

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