Friday, April 10, 2009

Thoughts on a Trip to Colorado, From the Eyes of a Midwesterner

Returning home from a whirlwind trip to Colorado. As I am sitting in a Fairfield Inn in Independence, Missouri (of course booked with Marriott points) my mind wanders to highlights of the trip:

-Why don't they sell plain Dorito's in the Midwest? Whenever I get a chance to go to Colorado, I have to visit the local grocery store to get the plain, corn flavored Dorito's. I don't need nacho cheese, or blue cheese/buffalo flavored tortilla chips. Give me good old fashion corn. My message to Frito-Lay...SELL THESE IN THE MIDWEST.

-Boulder, Colorado has to be the most beautiful town in the country. The Colorado University campus has maintained a consistent architectural philosophy, with even the newest buildings having matching brick exterior to the rest of the campus. Sitting in the foothills of the Rockies, the views are unbelievable. Also, I know that 28,000 students plus attend the University, but it has the feel of a much smaller University, which for me makes this school very appealing.

-I'm a novice skier at best, so Breckenridge was the place for me. 6 runs down the greens on peak nine, lunch at the Ten-Mile House on the slopes is perfect for me. Then go to town, dinner one night at Giampietro's Pizza, the second night at Rasta Pasta. The owners of Rasta Pasta throw together some strange combinations into their recipe's, but it's all good!

-Driving across the Midwest, I have decided that Kansas must be the longest State in the Union, and is the home of the largest of everything-Van Gogh Painting, Prairie Dog, Windmill Farm.....

Signing off....9 more hours to drive in the morning-----------------Jiresell

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