Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chad Ochocinco's Trial With Sporting KC, I Like It!

In typical fashion, Cincinnati Bengal wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has generated a wide range of opinions with regards to his trial this week with Sporting KC of Major League Soccer.
Chad Ochocinco at his Press Conference

One opinion: This is just another Chad Ochocinco publicity stunt, meant to only promote himself. Sporting KC doesn't need this kind of distraction as they begin the 2011 MLS regular season.

Another opinion: Why now? Chad Ochocinco hasn't played since high school. Why would Sporting KC bring Chad Ochocinco into training, risking injury to team members as there is no way that he can keep up with the pace of these professional soccer players. What does Sporting KC gain, as the chances that Chad Ochocinco makes the team are very small.

I'm a Cincinnati Bengals fan, admittedly a tough thing to admit with the poor results the Bengals have had over the last several years. As a resident of the Cincinnati area, I've experienced life with Chad Ochocinco as a player, self-promoter, etc. My take? Chad Ochocinco is giving an honest effort to make the team. He respects the game, respects the players and has been very honest in his self-assessment as a player. Just look at some sample Tweets from his Twitter page,!/ochocinco:

 Chad Ochocinco 
Headed to bed with a (humble pie) in the oven on low tempature,to be able to grace the pitch with elite futbol athletes is  goodnight

 Chad Ochocinco 
@ I understand the skill it takes it to play at this level,I just love the beautiful game n have much respect for it,see u soon.

 Chad Ochocinco 
I wish you all can see the skill it takes to play FUTBOL,even with my speed these guys still make me look like shit on the pitch

 Chad Ochocinco 
Speed is nothing without control, let the ball do the breathing

 Chad Ochocinco 
Taking the entire team to Fogo De Chao tonight,I'm the rookie in a sense so this should be fun,what are y'all doing?

Chad Ochocinco has been respectful and humble during his trail with Sporting KC. Will he make the team? I don't know. But I'm rooting for him.

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