Monday, March 28, 2011

365 Days of foursquare!

Today marked my one year anniversary of using foursquare! My son Brian turned me on to this last year (Obviously 365 days ago, duh!). Of course I'm hooked. Brian always let's me in on the latest cool stuff.

There's something simple and elegant about foursquare. ( Basically you check into the places you visit using an app on your phone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android), whether it is a restaurant, a store, a sports venue or just a favorite spot. You get points for every check-in, badges for special events, and you can even become Mayor of a location if you check into it more times than anyone else over a rolling 60 day period. You can have foursquare friends, and follow people, brands and companies to earn special discounts when you check in to particular spots. foursquare currently is reporting over 7 million users worldwide!

I like it because I get to keep score.
PA Groundhog Day Badge

So to celebrate my 365th day on foursquare:

- I have checked into 1,952 places in the last year.

- I have 36 Badges

- My favorite Badges? PA Groundhog Day and Baggage Handler

- I currently hold 31 Mayorships

- My first check-in? Columbus Crew Stadium, Columbus, Ohio

Baggage Handler Badge
- My last check-in? Miami University Voice of America Learning Center, West Chester, Ohio

- Where have I checked in the most times? Besides work? Starbucks, Liberty Township, Ohio. And I have earned the Starbucks Barista Badge, Fresh Brew Badge, Starbucks Tribute Badge and Century Club Badge for my efforts!

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