Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Blackberry Addiction Got Me in the Cincinnati Enquirer!

Not in a bad way-DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE!

After attending Opening Day at Great American Ballpark, I saw a Tweet from the Cincinnati Enquirer asking for people to respond if they were annoyed with cell phone coverage in the ballpark.

I responded, and now I am newsworthy! Click the link below:

Stadiums rush to improve cell phone reception


Samantha Cole said...

That's so cool, Jiresell! Of course, your opinion is as important as the others, so I'm sure it greatly helped the stadiums make the necessary improvements in terms of cell phone reception. Not even a mobile device as powerful as the BlackBerry could get a clear signal in the stadium, eh? There must have been a problem, indeed.

Jiresell said...

I still wonder when those improvements are actually coming. Went to the Reds vs Dodgers at Great American Ballpark yesterday (Friday June 3rd, 2011) and the reception was still horrible.

But all is good, because the Reds won 2-1!