Monday, May 14, 2012

A Deeper Love for the Premier League!

My wife Tammy, son Michael and I visited Paris and London in early April.

We had a chance to see 2 Premier League Matches while we were there, and as it turns out, some teams and individuals who have had historic seasons.

We saw Arsenal beat Manchester City, the eventual Premier League Champions, 1-0 at Emirates Stadium. Classic match, with the hated Mario Balotelli getting sent off for Man City

We also saw Fulham draw Chelsea (playing for the UEFA Champions League title this Saturday) 1-1 at Craven Cottage, with American Clint Dempsey (having arguably the best season ever for an American playing in Europe) getting the goal for Fulham to even up the match.

I have been a fan of the Premier League. I enjoy being able to watch matches live on Winter weekend mornings here in Cincinnati. The battle for the league title, Champions League spots and of course the battle not to be relegated is intriguing.

But the experience of going to actual matches in England was the best!

This Sunday was the final day of the season, with all 10 matches kicking off at the same time, so no team had a tactical advantage.  Chris Ryan, writing on captured the essence of the day in this article posted today:

The Reducer, Week 37: Today Is Gonna Be the Day

Manchester City wins the Premier League title in the most dramatic fashion possible

So with the opportunity to experience matches live, and a great ending to the season this past Sunday, I now have a deeper love for the Premier League.

I just need to decide who to throw my support behind-thinking Fulham.

Can't wait for next season to get started!

The Emirates

Michael, Tammy and Me at The Emirates
Craven Cottage
Me, Tammy and Michael, Craven Cottage

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