Thursday, June 30, 2011

foursquare Ten Hundred Badge

foursquare must have just introduced this badge today! I unlocked the badge when I checked in at Voice of America Park in West Chester, Ohio at 7:51 EST this evening. I hadn't heard of it. When I checked to see how many check-in's (Say that three times fast!) I have on foursquare it was 2,523. When I Googled the badge I couldn't find much about it, so it's obviously brand new. Looks like it just came out today, and foursquare is awarding it to people who have hit 1000 or more check-in's.

It had been a while since I got a new foursquare badge, so I'm happy!

Looks like they are giving some discounts on t-shirts at the foursquare store for this badge too!

foursquare Ten Hundred Badge
Over 1000 check-ins!? Thank you 1000 times over! Treat yourself to 40% off some cool shirts at (using your unique code). We’d give you 1000% off, but that don’t make no sense! It’s a super tiny gesture of our immense appreciation

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